Get’em While They Last !

LOOKY HERE We Have Just A FEW BTLS. AVAILABLE !! Limited Edition “Citrus Sunset Seasoning”.

By my mistake we have 1/2 Doz of these Special L.E. Seasoning from the 100 btls we did for this years Marathon Seafood Festival. A Nice Citrus Twang With A Kiss Of Sweet And A Follow Up Of Mild Heat.

NOTE Not Avail For Order On Line 10oz Size Only $12.00

Email Or Call Us If You Want One B-4 They B-Gone ! blankblank

Pantry Staple!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Bucknakeds! It’s been a years since my boyfriend and I discovered your Bucknakeds spices. Now they are a staple in Our pantry! Our favorite is to have it on avocado toast, sometimes with tomato, egg, etc!

Awesome stuff and love the no MSG and low sodium! We can eat tons of it! ❤️


First HOG RUB Experiences Brings New BN’s Lifers To Join Our Crew!!!

I picked up your HOG RUB at the Marathon Seafood Festival as a whim on a vacation in the FL Keys. I consider myself to be pretty darn good on the ol’ BBQ. Your Hog Rub on ribs smoked with peach wood was one of the best I have EVER used, including my own spice concoctions. Tonight I grilled some chicken and was just as pleased. Well done! Great product! We can’t wait to try your other blends… I am telling everyone about your product! You have a lifelong customer!

Thanks For Sharing This Stuff

Better-Than-Blackened Fish Sandwich


Here’s a delicious way to get introduced to our top selling Seasoning Set that allows you to blend “The Best Blackening Spice Ever” precisely to your liking… while keeping it Low Sodium!

Whether you choose to use fish or not is up to you. Chicken, beef, pork, turkey or seafood of choice all work wonderfully well (just be sure to keep them thin enough to allow for quick coming times). If you are not looking for a sandwich, try this recipe with a tortilla, as a wrap, or just hold the bread and serve over rice (which is nice) along with a few freshly grilled or sautéed veggies to offer up a super supper!

Remember, try using what you like here, this is not a must-follow list of ingredients… we don’t believe in that. So, go ahead and kick up your heels here and get creatively crazy if you like… or, stay calm, cool, collected & keep it simple. The choice is yours; just remember to have fun and enjoy yourself, and it will come through in you dishes!

Fish or meat of choice (even number cut into 1/2″ to 3/4″ thickness)
Loaf of bread (sub shaped)
1 large ripe tomato (that is fresh & ripe at room temp, sliced to 1/4″ thick rounds)
1-2 slices of bacon (crispy crumbles)
1/3 cup each carrots, green apple, onion & lettuce (shredded)
1/5 cup of Blue Cheese crumbles (these ones are really up to you as far as amount goes)
2 tbsp each olive oil & lemon juice (fresh squeezed, please, lime is OK too, or a combo!)
1-2 tbsp Buck Naked’s Blackening Spice (50/50 or so FIERY & REEF pulsed in blender)

Note: A side burner on an outside gas grill works best here, if you are able to use it… cause “We Be Smoke ‘N Soon”!

Start by preheating a large cast iron pan with bacon in it to medium heat. Flip bacon once fat has rendered (retain) and crisp on both sides. Set aside (no nibbling… yet)

Combine 1/2 of lemon juice with apple (Granny is good), carrot, onion (sweet variety) & lettuce, add 1/2 of the oil season with fresh cracked black pepper (add a pinch of your favorite seasoning here too, Buck’s Rub rocks on salads!), toss and chill.

Coat & soak meat in remaining lemon juice for 2-3 minutes while you pulse seasoning together in blender a few times. You’ll find this Blackening mixture extremely versatile & zesty! The blender not only mixes the seasonings together,–it chops the herbs & spices finely to release more flavor and allows them to adhere better, eventually forming a delicious bold crust or bark, once they hit a hot pan. Note: simply add more or less Fiery Rub to this blend to adjust the heat level to your liking (I am a 70/30 Fiery-to-Reef Rub type-a-guy).

Slice bread lengthwise, 3/4-of-the-way through, and pull open. I like firm crusted bread with a soft and airy center (Cuban or French style). Brush or drizzle remaining oil on. Remove fish from lemon juice and let drain briefly while you top tomato slices with cheese & bacon crumbles, then set aside (still no nibbling).

Cover fillets well on both sides with spice blend and let rest next to grill while you return pan to high heat (with dripping). Once pan starts to smoke, lay fish into it quickly & carefully (largest pieces first.)

Do Not leave pan! Do Not call for help! Things Should Be Fully Smoke ‘N Now! This will not take long. Flip over with a metal spatula once a dark-brown-to-blackish crust has formed on bottom; repeat on the other side. Pull each piece as soon as this occurs and move fish to a foiled tray darker side up. Note: Fish should be about 3/4 cooked through; quickly top every other piece with Bacon-N-Cheese tomato slices, dash more seasoning and then top again with a bare second filet (darker side down this time); repeat in pairs, working as fast as possible to assure things stay Hot.

Seal tray tightly with foil. Place a towel on top to retain heat or place in a warm oven (200 deg.) and allow to rest for 5 minutes with No-Peaking!!! The seal here is important because we want the fish to hold its heat and “carry over cook” creating its own amazing mouthwatering sauce (as the dark spicy crust softens & mellows, the tender filet will finish steaming through to succulent perfection).

Spread your salad mixture in to the bread and nestle the stacked fish fillets on top making sure to pour the pan juices all over everything to the last drop! Close your loaf’s lid cut in to portions, Dish ’em Out & Dive In!

This slightly sloppy super sandwich will have you nibbling up every last crumb and looking for more. Be sure to share this Blacking Blend Adventure with friends-n-family. I’m sure they’ll spank you for it later! 😉

Chef B.Naked

Until Next Time “Cook With Love & Share!”

Buck’n’Kabob Minute Marinade Man

Buck Naked’s Buck Rub Marinade Recipe

This simple, yet tasty marinade was sent in from a man, a man who likes his Buck Rub
It should only take you a minute to make once your ingredients are gathered… so gather your ingredients and let get down to marinade ‘n man!
Note: Please feel free to use this same technique if you’re a “Minute Marinade Maiden.”

Buck Rub Treated Meat on the Grill

1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons brown sugar
6 tablespoons soy sauce (try a low-sodium soy sauce)
Juice from 1 lemon
2-3 cloves of minced garlic
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil (or olive)
a couple cracks of black pepper
2-3 teaspoons of Buck Rub (estimate: I just shake the bottle until it makes me feel good)

I used to use this marinade on kabobs with New York strip, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and sometimes zucchini or squash.
Hope you enjoy it!

Jeff, “The One Who Likes His Buck Rub”

We suggest you try this marinate with any meat or game. We’ve used it on lamb, venison, salmon & more… and found it to be simple and yet tasty on nearly anything, man. Really! 😉

Bringing On The Heat & Feed My Need To Feel The Bold Flavors Of The Fire!


Boy “Larry” Trying Pepper…

Some Like It HOT!!!

Even from a very young age I liked it spicy… whether it was spaghetti sauce or sausage, baked beans, BBQ or Banana Peppers… I was always ready to try something new if I heard it has “Hot-N-Spicy”.

So if you’re like me (or my boy “Larry” here) and you’re ready to turn up the heat, then you are invited to try our Hot-Off-The-Press, Newest Buck Naked’s “Smoke-N-Hot” Seasoning. It was originally created a few years back for my buddy “Pepper Pete” down Key West’s way.

It’s A Warm One! The mildly sweet smoldering smokiness up front is soon followed by a big bold flavorful lingering burn that sure to set your taste buds alight!

As with all our of seasonings this one is All Natural & Low in Sodium with No Added BS (bad stuff) or Free Flowing Agents (whatever those are!?)

This Special Blend has just been added on our Chef Buck Naked’s website, so you can order it here, Now!… if you not a cry baby that is… but be warned–this stuff can be addictive (especially, if you like it hot, like me.)

Be Sure To Share Your Best Bold & Spicy Recipes With Us… It’s Best, Not To Sweat Alone!
“Cheers & Enjoy My Fiery Friends!”

Chef B Naked


Chef Buck Naked’s Non-Recipe Style Cooking Suggestions for those who dare to dance in the kitchen!

U.R.A. Jerk Label

U.R.A. Jerk Label

That’s right… Unique, Robust and Awesome Jerk-Style Dishes, use what you like: chicken, fish, pork, veggies, game, seafood, beef… or, hell, even a goat, if you can catch it!

This method would make even an ol’ boot taste good and is sure to appease even the biggest U.R.A. Jerk “Jerks” (if you know any, kindly craft a dish especially in their honor and make sure you tell them with a Big Smile to “Enjoy” when serving. 🙂 Take your time here, enjoy yourself in the kitchen & with the food, it Will come through in your dishes, (though it may take a few meals to tune your dishes to your taste buds & those of the Jerks you’re cooking for.) This is a flavorful-n-easy method that should allow you to keep on Grill’n and Grinn’n for years to come, especially if you mix up your ingredients, as I love to do.

U.R.A. Jerk treated meat in a grill

U.R.A. Jerk treated meat in a grill

Please free to share our Non-Recipes with Friends-N-Family and be sure to tell as many Jerks about our Special Spice Blends as possible… because good things are always enjoyed best with others & a smile!

meat or fish or of choice (cut in to 4-6 oz. portions)
12 oz. beer (I like a “striped” import here)
4 green onion coarsely chopped
1-2 hot peppers (scotch bonnet – habanero – goat pepper or jalapeno for a milder heat)
If you’re a “giant puss” you can use some red or yellow bell pepper here, but Not Green please
2 clove garlic smashed (as fresh as possible)
2 oz. U.R.A. Jerk Seasoning (50/50 blend of Buck Naked’s Fiery & Hog Rub mixed, this Dishes Sole)
4 sprigs fresh thyme (or rosemary optional)
1 tbsp. honey (make it local its way better for you… really!)
1-2 tbsp. soy sauce (pref. lite or less salt)

U.R.A. Jerk treated fish

U.R.A. Jerk treated fish

Grilling Sauce: add 1/2 beer, gr. onion, peppers, garlic, soy, thyme (leafs only), 1 oz. seasoning to blender and pulse 8-10 times. Pour in to small sauce pan and heat on stove top or side burner until it boils, then remove from heat. Note: once cooled it can also be used as a marinade and stored in fridge.

Season fish (or thing you like to eat) well on all sides with remaining spice blend (I do hope it Is a Goat).
Note: you can control heat level (spiciness) to your liking with the percentage of Fiery Rub you use in the Jerk Blend… IF you are using Buck Naked’s seasonings blended, as we recommend Strongly! 🙂

Be sure to preheat grill to around 450 degrees (or oven & grill rack with a foiled catch pan underneath if you’re unable to cook outside for some nearly inexcusable reason… including bears, bugs, frost bite, or natural disasters).

Peppers on a Table

Peppers Galore!

Lay meat, fish, etc. Presentation Side Down (PSD) on to hot grates.
Note: always try to lay your grilled or seared foods PSD first, as in… the side that you’ll see looking back at you from your plate should be the side that “hits the heat first!”, OK?)
Baste frequently with grilling brush or spoon. Added Note: now would be a great time to finish the 2nd half of that opened beer… and then flip your goat/fish/meat and baste it again (but like you mean it this time!)
Close lid and let cook until “just nearly done”. Times here may will vary depending on the items you’re cooking, the grill’s temp (number & mood of the Bears or Bugs you’re dealing with may factor in as well). Remove from heat (before over-cooked please!), loosely cover & lest rest to carry over cooking.

Served with rice, plantains or beans & a fresh fruit salad (with mint) and these bold, yet delicious flavors will make you a Jerk lover out of you… and remember you can use this same technique on larger pieces of meat or whole fish by marinating them over night in your U.R.A Jerk grilling sauce.

Until next time “Cook With Love & Share!”