Our gourmet all natural Seasoning Rubs and Spice Blends, 3 years in the making, created by our award winning Chef are great on wild game, beef, poultry, seafood and vegetables. Delicious!


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  1. I am the manager at “The Pal Cafe”. You stopped in today. Absolutely LOVED your seasonings that you left with us!!… I am interested in buying some as long as you’re not selling to others in the area of N Wis?

    • The “Pal” is such Great Place! So glad we stopped in to check you out (asked the locals were to get the best bite in town first) both my kids really enjoyed everything, as did I. Thanks for trying & getting back to us on our Special Seasonings We would be happy to get you set up with some! We don’t have any other locations in Park Falls area working with our products so you’d be the only one. Please get backto us at and we’ll be happy to discuss the details & let you know about our custom blends as well. Keep Up the Good Work & Good Food!
      “Cook With Love & Share!’ Chef Buck Naked & Crew

  2. Just saw your show on TV here in Pembroke Pines, FL! We will be planning a trip to Key Largo soon… amazing food you prepared with that enormous shrimp. Can’t wait to buy all you’re seasoning and make that tequila one. Great job!

    • Elizabeth Thanks For Your Kinds Words & For Watching The Show !!! Glad to hear that you are liking it …Big ShrimpS & Cool Beverages Are Definitely One Of Key Largo’s Bonuses 
      Cheers ! Chef BN

  3. Leaving key largo in the am and just saw your van and wanted to know where I can buy your seasoning before I leave.

  4. Got Fiery Rub from Peppers of Key West a few years back – it was outstanding. Great that I can buy direct now. You have a fan in Chicago!

    • Sorry just getting this email now … would have gotten back to you right away if you had been able to call us. We where passing through the area on our way North. We Are traveling with spices & would be happy to mail some out to you (and will include a few free smpls 😉

      “Cook With Love & Share!”
      Chef Buck Naked & Crew

  5. We bought the Fiery Rub locally here in Key West @ Peppers of KW however they no longer have it in stock and it’s our “Goto” when we grill out (which is almost every day). I’m often traveling to Miami so where can I buy more of this in the Keys, if not locally in Key West? Great job!!

  6. Do you have t shirts available i have one from the Florida keys seafood Fest n would love to purchase another one or two

  7. Great seasoning have been using it for 5 or 6 years. I always go to the Keys trying to find someone selling it haven’t been able to in the last year. My last purchase I saw your van in Key largo while on a motorcycle ride. Bought 4 bottles after flaging you down. So this is my first online order very easy. Will be doing it again and sending it out for gifts. Cook naked, it makes the the neighbors wondering what you’re cooking.

    • Hog Rub & motorcycles … definitely a good combo ! Yes we where low to no stocked w a few of our local Fl Keys retailers after Erma but are back on the shelves w most of our previous carriers now. Try Key Largo Fisheries, Key Lime Products, Sandal Factory OutletS or Robert Is Here in the Upper Keys area…glad to hear that your on line ordering experience was easy. We are always happy to ship.
      Keep on riding & Cooking Naked… Cheers! Chef B Naked & Crew

  8. I haven’t had your spices since I moved back to Oklahoma but I’m excited to get to send some to my brother-in-law for his birthday this year. I will probably buy some for myself later because I really miss your products!

    • Hello Charity your Bro In Laws seasonings are on the way. Hopefully he will enjoy them as much a you do. Thank You for sharing! We included some free samples for him to share as well 🙂 Cheers ! Chef B Naked & Crew

  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Bucknakeds! It’s been a years since my boyfriend and I discovered your Bucknakeds spices. Now they are a staple in Our pantry! Our favorite is to have it on avocado toast, sometimes with tomato, egg, etc!

    Awesome stuff and love the no MSG and low sodium! We can eat tons of it! ❤️

    • Excellent Thanks for sharing that with us Robin… always love to hear that people are putting our seasoning to good use and enjoying them.

      Stay Well, Say Safe & Stay Well Seasoned 😉 Chef BN

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