Better-Than-Blackened Fish Sandwich


Here’s a delicious way to get introduced to our top selling Seasoning Set that allows you to blend “The Best Blackening Spice Ever” precisely to your liking… while keeping it Low Sodium!

Whether you choose to use fish or not is up to you. Chicken, beef, pork, turkey or seafood of choice all work wonderfully well (just be sure to keep them thin enough to allow for quick coming times). If you are not looking for a sandwich, try this recipe with a tortilla, as a wrap, or just hold the bread and serve over rice (which is nice) along with a few freshly grilled or sautéed veggies to offer up a super supper!

Remember, try using what you like here, this is not a must-follow list of ingredients… we don’t believe in that. So, go ahead and kick up your heels here and get creatively crazy if you like… or, stay calm, cool, collected & keep it simple. The choice is yours; just remember to have fun and enjoy yourself, and it will come through in you dishes!

Fish or meat of choice (even number cut into 1/2″ to 3/4″ thickness)
Loaf of bread (sub shaped)
1 large ripe tomato (that is fresh & ripe at room temp, sliced to 1/4″ thick rounds)
1-2 slices of bacon (crispy crumbles)
1/3 cup each carrots, green apple, onion & lettuce (shredded)
1/5 cup of Blue Cheese crumbles (these ones are really up to you as far as amount goes)
2 tbsp each olive oil & lemon juice (fresh squeezed, please, lime is OK too, or a combo!)
1-2 tbsp Buck Naked’s Blackening Spice (50/50 or so FIERY & REEF pulsed in blender)

Note: A side burner on an outside gas grill works best here, if you are able to use it… cause “We Be Smoke ‘N Soon”!

Start by preheating a large cast iron pan with bacon in it to medium heat. Flip bacon once fat has rendered (retain) and crisp on both sides. Set aside (no nibbling… yet)

Combine 1/2 of lemon juice with apple (Granny is good), carrot, onion (sweet variety) & lettuce, add 1/2 of the oil season with fresh cracked black pepper (add a pinch of your favorite seasoning here too, Buck’s Rub rocks on salads!), toss and chill.

Coat & soak meat in remaining lemon juice for 2-3 minutes while you pulse seasoning together in blender a few times. You’ll find this Blackening mixture extremely versatile & zesty! The blender not only mixes the seasonings together,–it chops the herbs & spices finely to release more flavor and allows them to adhere better, eventually forming a delicious bold crust or bark, once they hit a hot pan. Note: simply add more or less Fiery Rub to this blend to adjust the heat level to your liking (I am a 70/30 Fiery-to-Reef Rub type-a-guy).

Slice bread lengthwise, 3/4-of-the-way through, and pull open. I like firm crusted bread with a soft and airy center (Cuban or French style). Brush or drizzle remaining oil on. Remove fish from lemon juice and let drain briefly while you top tomato slices with cheese & bacon crumbles, then set aside (still no nibbling).

Cover fillets well on both sides with spice blend and let rest next to grill while you return pan to high heat (with dripping). Once pan starts to smoke, lay fish into it quickly & carefully (largest pieces first.)

Do Not leave pan! Do Not call for help! Things Should Be Fully Smoke ‘N Now! This will not take long. Flip over with a metal spatula once a dark-brown-to-blackish crust has formed on bottom; repeat on the other side. Pull each piece as soon as this occurs and move fish to a foiled tray darker side up. Note: Fish should be about 3/4 cooked through; quickly top every other piece with Bacon-N-Cheese tomato slices, dash more seasoning and then top again with a bare second filet (darker side down this time); repeat in pairs, working as fast as possible to assure things stay Hot.

Seal tray tightly with foil. Place a towel on top to retain heat or place in a warm oven (200 deg.) and allow to rest for 5 minutes with No-Peaking!!! The seal here is important because we want the fish to hold its heat and “carry over cook” creating its own amazing mouthwatering sauce (as the dark spicy crust softens & mellows, the tender filet will finish steaming through to succulent perfection).

Spread your salad mixture in to the bread and nestle the stacked fish fillets on top making sure to pour the pan juices all over everything to the last drop! Close your loaf’s lid cut in to portions, Dish ’em Out & Dive In!

This slightly sloppy super sandwich will have you nibbling up every last crumb and looking for more. Be sure to share this Blacking Blend Adventure with friends-n-family. I’m sure they’ll spank you for it later! 😉

Chef B.Naked

Until Next Time “Cook With Love & Share!”

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