Pantry Staple!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Bucknakeds! It’s been a years since my boyfriend and I discovered your Bucknakeds spices. Now they are a staple in Our pantry! Our favorite is to have it on avocado toast, sometimes with tomato, egg, etc!

Awesome stuff and love the no MSG and low sodium! We can eat tons of it! ❤️



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  1. Thanks Robin. I hope the new year is a good one for you and your family!
    Yep I definitely concur with you on the “pantry staple”, we actually travel with seasonings when ever leaving home for more then a few days. My daughter is huge avocado fan which she often does on toast in the AM. Her go to is the Reef Rub with the addition of a shake of Fiery if she up for a warming jump start to here day 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Chef BN

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