Buck Naked’s BB-Q Spice

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It’s got beer in it, bottoms up!
Don’t Be Shy, Go Berserk!!!
We’ll make more of this Master Mixture!

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Label of Buck Naked's BBQ Spice

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1/4 tsp. (0.6g) Servings:
4 ounce = 188
10 ounce = 470
Amount per serving: Percentage daily value*:
Calories: 0
Fat 0 grams 0 %
Sodium 55 mg 2 %
Carbohydrates 0 mg 0 %
Protein 0 grams 0 %
* % Daily Values (DV) are based on 2000 calorie diet.


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2 reviews for Buck Naked’s BB-Q Spice

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    Derrick Spain

    We stumbled onto these spices at the Marathon Seafood Festival and love them. My boys perk up when they hear I’m cooking Buck Naked burgers and it is fabulous on steak as well. I also use it as a rub on marinated flank steak, which is now a family favorite.

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      Buck Naked

      Always nice to hear that families are using & Enjoying our Seasonings ! Thanks for letting us know that the Boys digging the All Natural & Low Sodium side of things (even if they Don’t know It ; ) Be SURE to try it on Pop Corn Too !!!
      Thanks for you feedback. Chef BN & Crew

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    Gary McCoy

    I had found this in 2012 while at a farmers market in southern Florida. Bought two different kinds and fell in love with the taste. Been ordering it online ever since! And I’m from Ohio…..

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      Buck Naked

      Gary thanks for getting back reg our BBQ Blend so glad to hear that your “lovin the flavor” ! That one is So easy to use and certainly is crowd pleaser, especially with families. One flip of the lids and you can easily season any thing you dare put on the grill ( especially gas grills) it works great in the kitchen too, we often hear back from fellow Buck Naked’s enthusiasts on how they like to use it: on eggs, in mac-n-cheese, w hot dogs, baked chicken or salmon, in beans & soups and on Popcorn (a must try!) Also mixed 50/50 with our Poultry Power it makes the words best hash brown seasoning!
      Take Care & BBQ On ! Chef B Naked 7 Crew

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